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With negotiations now behind us, Jay will move forward with his planned retirement from his role as national executive director later this spring. But we couldnt let him go completely. To our great fortune, at that time, he will transition to a role with us as senior adviser. Jay is one of those rare individuals who sees the forest and the trees in 3D recognizing how to bring every puzzle piece together in service of a greater vision, added DGA secretary-treasurer and past president Michael Apted. And his tremendous impact transcended our own walls as he bolstered the standing of directors and the reputation of our guild. Whether protecting members livelihoods by corralling the industry to rally against runaway production and piracy, or coordinating intense negotiations to strengthen pension and health plans for members and their families, or expanding global jurisdiction and cultural exchanges, his three decades of leadership are well recognized by the industry at large as being a vital element in shaping the future of the motion picture business. On behalf of all of us who have benefited from his tireless work, thank you Jay. As national executive director, Roth led eight successful rounds of negotiations addressing the industrys changing Retweeted production, Shared this distribution and exhibition models fueled by the digital age. From the blending of outdated, disparate contracts that paid members differently for the same work, to a revitalized health and pension plan with record levels of funding, to establishing jurisdiction and agreements that cover new media and residuals in subscription video on demand members and the industry were set on a course for future success. Roth also spearheaded service-oriented efforts to implement the national boards direction to reflect organizationally the guilds mission, and support the work of DGA directors and their teams. Under his leadership, the DGAs operations, professional staff and resources were centered around member service and the management of the guilds core functions including: collective bargaining, contract enforcement, organizing and jurisdiction. As membership grew 65% during Roths tenure at the guild, key on-the-ground support for members outpaced that growth the number of field representatives tripled, and the contracts department grew nearly five times in size. Annual residuals payments to DGA members increased 300% to nearly $400 million.

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National Health Service

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